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Our Wholesale Pillows

Our bed pillows are designed to make a good night sleep even better!


Using only the best quality our bed pillows are Non- Allergenic, Mold Resistant, Mildew Resistant, Machine Washable and Dryable. Compare our prices and see what fits your necessity, if you need assistance feel free to contact us.

Here are some of the types of bed pillows and sizes we offer:

  • Sizes
  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King
  • Euro Standard (24 x 24)
  • Euro Queen (27 x 27)
  • Body Pillow (21 x 54)
  • Comfort U (10 x 66)
  • Baby/Travel (12 x 18)
  • Bolster (6D x 18L)
  • Bolster (9D x 18L)

We are a Wholesale distribution company. We only sell at bulk, so if you’re interested in pricing please send us a message via our contact form. Thank you!


Goose Down & Feather Pillows

  • We only use white goose and feather blends. Our down or feather blends go through an intensive cleaning and sterlization process to insure superior quality for our pillow inserts. Our white goose down/feather blends are hypoallergenic and pass CAL117 FR. We believe quality should not be sacrificed when we make our pillow inserts.
    Goose down feather pillows offer an extraordinarily comfortable pillow. We are a small wholesale company based in Miami, Florida. We offer hypoallergenic, comfortable and luxurious goose down pillows.
    We use only the finest white goose and feather blends to ensure quality pillows. We deliver soft, comfortable pillows that help you enjoy your rest. We submit each and every feather through a thorough cleaning and sterilization process so that you can enjoy your feather goose down pillow without suffering from any allergic reactions.
    The feathers contained within our pillow inserts are submitted to sterilization and rigorous flame retardant testing to ensure the safest user experience. We submit each and every goose down feather to a 12-step cleaning process. This cleaning process sanitizes the feathers and removes any animal dander or odor by repeatedly washing the feathers at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature removes any bacteria, allergens or odor from the goose down feathers. Then the feathers are tested to see if they will contribute to the highest quality pillow we can produce.
    After the feathers are washed with hot water, they are dried at a very high temperature to guarantee the sterilization process, making our pillow inserts not only comfortable but hypoallergenic. Don’t worry about breaking out in hivers; we’ve got you covered.
    We only use the best quality feathers in our goose down pillows. Only the whitest and softest feathers make it past our sterilization and testing process. We only use the best because we want to give you the best experience. Sleep soundly with the softest goose down feather pillow you have ever experienced.
    You won’t have to constantly flip the pillow over to find that cold spot either. Down pillows provide insulation to keep you warm, but breathe to allow perspiration to evaporate. This goose down feather property keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer so you can sleep comfortably with your luxurious down pillows during any season. Order your goose down pillows today to look forward to comfortably resting your head every night for a good night’s sleep.
    Get the most comfortable pillow you’ve ever had at an affordable price from us by contact us through our contact page. We’ll make sure you are completely satisfied with your pillow by delivering the highest quality goose down feathers in your pillow insert.

  • Feather blends are a percentage (ratio) of down to feather.
    For example:

    - 10/90 is made with 10% down to 90% feather
    - 30/70 is made with 30% down to 70% feather
    - 50/50 is made with equal parts of down and feather
    - 100% is an option for those who desire 100% down

Polyester Fiber Pillows

  • Even though it can never compare to the quality and feel of natural White Goose Down /Feather filling, polyester fiber is still a high demand product in our inventory. Polyester fiber filling is the heart and soul of this pillow manufacturer. Our loyal customers really seem to enjoy the quality of our fibers. Click here to view the different type of fibers that we use to create our wonderful pillow inserts

  • Here is the list of the fiber blends we carry:

    - Recycled Fiber
    - Deluxe Fiber
    - Premium Fiber
    - Ultimate Fiber

More Info
Our Latest Fiber

Deluxe Fiber

A regenerate fiber is produced from using raw materials that can form fibers naturally like wood pulp or cotton linter.


Premium Fiber

A conjugate fiber made from two different polymers by spinning and joining them simultaneously.


Recycled Fiber

This type of fiber is made from post consumer scrap like discarded water and soda pop bottles that is recycled and put through a process.


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