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“Pillows and Fibers, Inc. is a story about service. The idea began at the turn of the new millennium. I was listening to the frustrations of a business owner about a pillow company he was doing business with. He asked if I knew of another pillow company. I gave it some thought and told him I would do it. He confidently gave me the business and I am proud to say WE have been in business ever since.

I say WE because whether WE are employers or employees WE stand together like FAMILY. WE believe every order whether small or large deserves special attention.


WE believe doing business should be simple and WE emphasize service above all else. When you call Pillows and Fibers, WE will answer the phone assuring you the proper attention and expert experience from the start. ”
Miami Pillow Manufacturer


- Miguel Nasco, Owner

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Our Latest Fiber

Deluxe Fiber

A regenerate fiber is produced from using raw materials that can form fibers naturally like wood pulp or cotton linter.


Premium Fiber

A conjugate fiber made from two different polymers by spinning and joining them simultaneously.


Recycled Fiber

This type of fiber is made from post consumer scrap like discarded water and soda pop bottles that is recycled and put through a process.


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